An Introduction to NASCAR Racing

–by Jean Fisher

NASCAR is an acronym that stands for “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing”

The Races

The races are part of a competition between skilled drivers of specially designed automobiles to accumulate points and ultimately win a cup. The Sprint Cup Series attracts the most attention, challenging the drivers and exciting the fans through 36 races each season. The Nationwide Series consists of 35 races in a season hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico. For those who like their vehicles tough the 25 races of the Craftsman Truck Series is edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

The Race Tracks of NASCAR

How to Earn Points

Each race is an opportunity for the drivers to earn points. The points awarded are determined by the place of each car at the finish of the race. The driver who finishes first earns 43 points for that race plus a 3 point bonus as the winner. The driver coming in last at 43rd place adds 1 point to his or her running total for the entire series. It is also possible to earn bonus points by leading a lap during the race. Each leader will earn one bonus point and the driver who has led the most laps gets one more bonus point. A skilled driver who led the most laps during a race and came in first would earn 48 points for that race.

The Chase for the Cup

The Sprint Cup Series adds an interesting element of excitement called the Chase for the Cup. When there are only 10 races left in the season, all the points won by the drivers are tallied and the top ten earners are in a race against each other to become champion of the Sprint Cup Series. Two wild-card slots are also created determined by season victories and/or points accumulated.

Each of these 12 drivers will begin the next 10 races with 2,000 points. Excluding the wild-card slots the other 10 drivers will each have 3 points added to their total for each victory won during the first 26 races. As the Chase begins, all 43 drivers continue to vie for victories, points and prizes. One driver will end the season with the most points and be crowned cup series champion!

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