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NASCAR on Fox: Budweiser Shootout Recap

How did you prepare to watch the Bud Shootout at Daytona? Budweiser Shootout 2-18-2012 NASCAR on Fox: Budweiser Shootout Recap It was an exciting race. There was a crash early on and another toward the end. 2012 changes to the official NASCAR rules resulted in the cars running hotter. We saw a lot of pack [...]

Budweiser Shootout 2-18-2012

Hi, Aunt Jean here.  I’m thinking ahead to tonight when I watch my first NASCAR race, the Budweiser Shootout.  This race is an important qualifier for the 2012 Sprint Cup Series. Being such a newbie, I am thinking about what would be important to watch for in a race.  The drivers, of course, pull a [...]

The Dashboard of a NASCAR Stock Car

You don’t turn a key to start the engine of a NASCAR race car, you flip a toggle switch. Other switches on the dashboard control the cooling system. The tachometer measures the rotations of the engine and helps the driver decided when to change gears. There is a cluster of gauges on the dashboard that [...]

Nascar 101: Dashboard

NASCAR 101: Dashboard

Inside the Stock Car Cockpit

A NASCAR race car is custom built for the individual driver who will be racing it. The carbon fiber seat is molded to that person’s body. The head restrainer perfectly aligned to protect the driver in case of a spin, roll or crash. A seatbelt harness holds the driver secure. The cockpit is a cocoon [...]

Nascar 101: Cockpit

NASCAR 101: Cockpit

Underneath a NASCAR Stock Car

Jeff Hammond took us on a tour of the underside of a NASCAR race car in his video NASCAR 101:  Under the Car.  I have to admit that there was a lot of stuff under there that I didn’t know much about.  So I did some research. Steering Linkage The steering linkage is part of [...]

Get Your Engines Ready! Advice for an Aspiring Drag Racer

Author: LiveOctane You have the desire. You have the car. All you need now is direction as to where to run your vehicle and fulfill your dream! Taking your car onto a professional drag strip is the way to go for those with the “need for speed.” After all, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) [...]

Scotty’s Race Pages!

Welcome race fans!  I love NASCAR, drag racing, go-karts, formula cars, stock car…well, you guessed it, I love races!  So do you!  Let’s share pics and tell stories.  Wait until you hear how I got backstage without a pass and the crazy things I saw. Sign up to be a member of Scotty’s Race Pages [...]

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