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Budweiser Shootout 2-18-2012

Hi, Aunt Jean here.  I’m thinking ahead to tonight when I watch my first NASCAR race, the Budweiser Shootout.  This race is an important qualifier for the 2012 Sprint Cup Series. Being such a newbie, I am thinking about what would be important to watch for in a race.  The drivers, of course, pull a [...]

Underneath a NASCAR Stock Car

Jeff Hammond took us on a tour of the underside of a NASCAR race car in his video NASCAR 101:  Under the Car.  I have to admit that there was a lot of stuff under there that I didn’t know much about.  So I did some research. Steering Linkage The steering linkage is part of [...]

NASCAR 101: Under the Car

NASCAR 101: Under the Car

Scotty’s Race Pages!

Welcome race fans!  I love NASCAR, drag racing, go-karts, formula cars, stock car…well, you guessed it, I love races!  So do you!  Let’s share pics and tell stories.  Wait until you hear how I got backstage without a pass and the crazy things I saw. Sign up to be a member of Scotty’s Race Pages [...]

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